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About Mumbra (My Born Place)

Mumbra(मुंब्रा) is a small town in India, situated around 40km from Mumbai - मुंबई and is the suburb of city. It is close to Thane - ठाणे and Diwa - दिवा and is well connected with Mumbai by roads and the local train network.


A town which formed as a MUGHAL outpost in 14th century which guards the entry point towards KALYAN fort, converted into a bustling shipbuilding industry at reti bunder in 17th century, famous for its unique sand boats and fast sail boats. This particular industry still surives till date, because of its natural port. During British era this area was used as a nearest logistical base for transportation of army personals of British Indian Legions. Including transportation of heavy machinery from Bombay Port towards Pune cantonment. After independence and before opening of alternate route towards PUNE till 1987 Mumbra was the only direct route connecting two cities. The National Highway 4 (NH4) passes through Mumbra. A special bypass highway is made on the exterior of Mumbra, to reduce the numbers of accidents and pollution of this town. This bypass on NH4 connects Mumbai to Pune. Mumbra is well connected to Navi Mumbai and other towns.


40 km North East of Mumbai on the western coast of India. Also close to Thane, Navi Mumbai, Airoli node via the Old Mumbai Pune Highway - NH4 road. The exact latitude and longitude of Mumbra is 19.17541 and 73.026638 respectively.


Intracity Transport

The major public transport in and around Mumbra is auto rickshaw. Thane Municipal Transport (TMT) buses also ply around the area but they are not that frequent. One can see a lot of traffic on the roads of Mumbra because of the Auto rickshaws. Most of the teenagers here have bikes of their own.

Intercity Transport


Most of the fast locals coming from Kalyan or from Bombay bypass Mumbra as there are no fast tracks due to the hilly terrain and the creek that surrounds Mumbra. Parsik Tunnel which is 1.3 km in length and it was one time third largest tunnel of Asia. This tunnel lies on the fast track and has one entry/exit point in Mumbra. It is the first railway tunnel that was built in India and is more than hundred years old, by the British Empire. Its in the Sahyadri Ranges of Maharashtra and those hills are known as Parsik Hills.


Currently concretisation of the NH4 is on the way. This project is awarded to Atlanta Limited. The cost of the total project is 649 million Indian rupees. It's a state Government funded project and will complete soon. Another work which is in full swing is of the Flyover opposite the Mumbra Railway Station, to bypass the traffic caused due to auto rickshaw. And to bypass the heavy traffic, a road along with a bridge is constructed near reti bunder, in the outskirts of Mumbra, which will cater to the heavy traffic allowing them to flow from outside Mumbra.

The most recent development is the start of Mumbra-Vashi state transport. This was initiated on the 6th of October, 2008 and can be considered as one of the much awaited move from the authorities.


mumbra is a famous port dated back to 14th century , this town formed as a small mughal out post to , one of the most important port in the medieval era . Now this city hosts a shipbuilding yard and many ferries connect near villages in the area beside many coastal vessels give a regular port of call to this port due to various reasons.


The nearest Airport from Mumbra is in Mumbai Andheri (International Airport) and Santa Cruz (Domestic Airport).A new Airport is underway near Vashi New Bombay.


Typical coastal sultry & humid Rainfall - Average 1500 to 2000 mm beginning of June to end of September. Temperature - Average - 24 - 35 °C (76 - 99 °F) Humidity - 45% to 87% highest in month of August.

Industry and Business

Mumbra is primarily a residential area but has a fair share of industry as well in some parts. The Mek Company Area (near the police station) is an approved small industrial area with tax benefits. Medium scale industries include some units in the Kausa Sheel belt of Mumbra include chemical units, alkyl units, mechanical parts, and many industries set up in the area. Medium to large scale industry includes a plant of the Bharat Group, a private-public undertaking company which makes gears or automobile companies and many more. The [shipbuilding]]industry of Mumbra traces back to the [Maratha]era; it is the oldest industry in Mumbra. Ships (medium barges up to 4500 tons and supply and tugboats) are made and repaired in Mumbra.

There are two big markets known as Gulab Park market and station market where almost every thing is available. Gulab Park market in Amrut Nagar is also very famous for its cloths shops. There are many other businesses which monopolizes here.

People and Culture

Mumbra falls administratively under Thane Municipal Corporation. It is averagely populated and is a peaceful place to stay. Mumbraites (people of Mumbra) come from diverse backgrounds from all over India. It is a multi-cultural place where people peacefully follow their own culture and religion. Not a singe communal rioting incident has taken place uptill now. It has has many buildings and apartments, though it is not a well-planned city some really good constructions are coming up these days. It has many standard schools, colleges and technical institutions. The literacy level of Mumbra is 60%. People here value education and many people here are highly educated. There are many engineers most of them are software engineers, also many doctors, teachers and professors, and the rest are in diversified fields like marketing, finance, art, business etc. About 90% population of Mumbra is Muslims. Hence there are many Islamic schools who have attracted wide range of people to engage their children for Islamic studies along with normal studies.


Mumbra is becoming heaven for gourmets. There are several local restaurants serving different types of foods ranging from Mughlai, Real (Traditional) Chinese, Italian, Grill and Arabic foods. The prices are very reasonable. The increasing quality and range of foods is attracting people from neighboring towns of Navi Mumbai, Kalwa and Diwa. Among other foods, Biryani, Grills and Shawarmas are most famous. Some famous hotels here are Hayat, Cafe Sagar, Cafe Tuba, Cafe Amber, Caravan Restro, Sahil Restaurent and Noorani. Mumbra also have some very quality mithai shops. The first in the list is sagar sweets(The Taste of MUMBRA). sulaiman mithaiwala, Ajwa and noor are also known for their tasty sweets. Delicious "samosas" are available near Ali Chambers close to Darul-Falah masjid.

Hotels and Restaurants

  • Amber hotel (Kausa, rashid compound, main road corner)
  • Cafe Sagar (Amrut Nagar)
  • Cafe Shah (nr. Railway station)
  • Cafe Tuba (Kausa, rashid compound, main road corner)
  • Caravan Restro (Kausa)
  • Sahil Restaurent (Kausa)
  • Hayatt (Amrut Nagar)
  • Mumbra Hotel (nr. Railway Station)
  • Noorani (Kausa)
  • TAJ
  • Cafe Aqsa (nr.Dar-ul-Falah masjid)
  • Bostan Hotel (Opp Kaka Nagar, Kausa, Mumbra.)
  • Tuba Hotel (Opp Kausa petrol pump. telephone number -022-25491205)


One very good thing about Mumbra is that it has two very good colleges: D. Ed. College and Polytechnic College. Apart from that there are few small institutes offering basic to advance computer courses which are good enough to give a better career start. Education-wise, Mumbra has the highest enrollment of primary students in the district in various schools (population to students ratio), with plans to build more colleges in progress.

Schools and Colleges

  • Ahmed Abdullah Garib Polytechnic Almas colony Kausa Arqam International School** Near Qandhari bldg Daulat Nagar Kausa Holy Fatima High School, Opp. Amrut Nagar, Mumbra.
  • Symbosis Convent High School
    This school has a record for getting the best results for S.S.C. for a very long time, Kausa-Mumbra.
  • St Johns Convent School, Near Railway Station, Mumbra.
  • City Convent School and Shoeb School, Kader Palace, Kausa.
  • Mesco Crescent School, Rashid Compound, Kausa.
  • Queen Mary's High School, Behind Tanwar Nagar, Kausa.
  • Abdullah Patel High School & Junior College (Arts & Comm.) (for Girls), Kismat Colony., Kausa.
  • Mumbra English High School, Opp. Amrut Nagar.
  • Bharat English High School & Jr. College, Mujahid Rd. Kausa.
  • St. Mary's Convent School, Opp. Gulistan Apartment, Accord Complex, Kausa.
  • New Model English High School & Jr. College, Near Police Station, Mumbra.
  • National Urdu & English High School, Almas Colony Kausa.
  • Sumaiya High School, Mujahid Rd. Behind Qabrastan, Kausa.
  • Bosco English School, Behind Diamond Bakery, Charni Pada, Kausa.
  • Patel High School, Opposite Railway Station, Mumbra Devi Road.
  • Babaji Sakharam Patil, Patil Wadi, opposite MEK Ind. Estate, Mumbra.
  • Oxford English high School ,Near Railway Line, Mumbra.
  • Angels Paradise English High School, Anand Koliwada, Mumbra.
  • Amrit Education Academy ,Papaji School, behind Qabrastan, Kausa.
  • Al Hidayah Public School Bombay Colony, Mumbra.
  • G.R patil Science, commerce & arts College Narayan Nagar.
  • A.E.Kalsekar degree college of arts, commerce and science (near bharat gears, kausa).


  • Amaar hospital
  • Sahyog Hospital
  • Burhani Hospital
  • Siddiqui Hospital (Rohan Complex, Amrut Nagar
  • Shaheen Hospital
  • Millennium Hospital (Aashiyana Tower, Next to Tasmeya Tower, Kausa.
  • Konkan Hospital
  • Rehmania Hospital
  • Dr. Rajesh Patil's 'Gautami Nursing Home' (Jain Mandir Compound, Opp. Mumbra Police Station.

Kausa Mumbra Galaxy complex


The park build near mumbra thane toll naka is in perfect location over looking the ulhas river passing through mumbra Siddiqui Builder has created a park for the colony, near Bharat Gears. There is a small garden built near Accord Complex.

Movie hall

Mumbra has a movie hall, Alishan Theatre, which has a seating capacity of 1050 people at a time. One can watch new movies there, but it's not in a very good condition.

Studies conducted on Mumbra

  • Samant, Hrishikesh P. Subramanyan, V.(Guide)
  • Geomorphic analysis of the Mumbai-Mumbra region and its applications using a geographic information system. - Ph.D.Thesis. (R) (Earth Science) Mumbai : IIT, 1996
  • Investigation on landslides, Mumbra-Highway by pass (Mumbai, PWD).
  • Environmental Monitoring Network of Maharashtra, Surface water locations for Thane Region, Mumbra (SWMP)
  • Focus News Paper

Mumbai suburban railway : Central Railway
Next station south:Kalwa
Next station north: Diva (railway station)
Stop No: 21 from Mumbai CST
KM from starting: 40

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